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and that is announcement through the evening hours, the heat index is coming down. 103 right now. the high temperature is warmer thanthat and quantico, 96; fredericksburg, 99. don't get me wrong, it's bad and we have been drying this afternoon. the relative humidity has been coming down and mixing to the lower levels and that has helped us a bit. the heat index value saved about 106 to 107 instead of the 120 to 123 like we had last week. it's hot and that means, sue, she's outside to tell us how hot it is. you got to stay inside all day log, like i did, pretty each -- all day long. nothing like last night. >> no, it feels different, gary. we have a bit of a breeze out here, too. no doubt, it's quite hot and tolerable if you're careful. you don't want to do a whole session of hot yoga, but you
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could and meanwhile, we want to give you stats of july. this is the hottest july we have had in d.c. and we had records at all three airports today and they were 99 for d.c., everyone in for dulles and bwi with inspect. the last time we were this hot was august 17th, 1997, when we got up to 105 degrees. and today, that 104 is in the record books and it's been a july full of 100 degrees days, three so far and that is a lot, our 12th day in a row and we're going to keep adding to that and feels like it's an unusual july, it has and last july was hot and tied for hottest july ever and this is the hottest and with some keep of crazy drop in the temperature and, unfortunately, we don't see that in the cards and take yet easy out there. we're going to look for cooler weather when gary joins us with the full forecast later. >> all right, thank you very
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much, sue palka and. the heat will force d.c. trash collection crews early to the street another week. they'll begin the collections at 6:00 a.m. and you can put out your trash recyclables at 6:00 p.m. the night before and there is some other weather-related information on the main page. check it out at >> and fox 5 is monitoring metro. matt ackland is lowe in metro headquarters with -- live with more from metro headquarters. >> reporter: metro is taking action against many drivers caught on camera and committing numerous violations, many of them using cell phones and some running red lights, speeding, driving aggressively. we're told that violations took place in late february when yet comes to cell phone use.
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20 drivers were fired because they were caught driving the bus and using the cell phone and that means no one was riding the bus at the time and that is a violation. the cameras are placed in the front of the bus and are for training and security reasons. metro has taken almost $1,200 actions of discipline against drivers. 222 suspicions have been handed out for things like speeding and running red lights. once again, 20 drivers were fired because of driving while using a cell phone. >> i think i have seen most of them and that is is turning the copper. the camera is not recording the people because they're using the cell phone but records because they broke -- brakes hard or turned the corner and i didn't see any unsafe situations. the fact is that they were talking on the cell phone and holding the cell phone in their hands. >> there is a good side to the cameras, actually, taking pictures of the drivers.
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80% of the cases when the cameras were turned on, we're told the drivers were doing the right thing. they slammed on the brakes at the right time and web ised oust of the way. metro is saying for the most part, the drivers are doing the right thing. we tried to contact the union, the driver's union and so far, we have not heard from them. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you very much for that report. a terrifying night for a fairfax county family. a man bust into their home and took a mother, father, and children and friend hostage and forced them all to take a ride. john henrehan is in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. john? >> reporter: all the victims will survive this ordeal that occurred in the herndoniary and there might be lasting psychological harm. the kidnapping incident was, at times, violent. carpenter and handyman has a habit of taking late-night bicycle rides near his payment complex outside of herndon,
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virginia. thursday night around 10:15, hepping was pedaling on a deserted unlit roadway. >> it was pretty dark and had no light on the bicycle and then i saw by accident, some people in the corner and they were yelling and running after me and i said oh, that is scary. -- and then i turned around because i felt something was -- it was an emergency. >> reporter: a whole family who also lived in the dulles green apartments told him that they were just released on that roadway by a kidnapper. the family father who was put in the trunk of the car was still missing. the incident had started around 9:30 p.m. when the family mother left the apartment unlocked as she put out the trash. a violent intruder armed with a knife and possibly a gun, slipped into the unit taking everyone hostage. the neighbor spoke with the victims. >> and from what they said, he hit the mother in front of the child. the kid, the little kid was on along for the ride to -- and two young guys were sailed.
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i felt blood on the back shirt of one of the guys and did a job on then. >> reporter: the intruder forced the family to drive to an automatic teller machine at a nearby bank of america to withdraw money after dropping them off one-by-one. the bad guy drove theel toen -- stolen car back to the apartment complex and parked it and disappeared. the father in the trunk, waited a couple of minutes, popped the escape hatch and started searching for his family. by then, police were arriving and none of the injured was life-threatening. the assailant wore a covering on his face and is described as a mean black man,ify 9'" in his 30 -- 5'9" in his 30s, thursday height, he was wearing a dark hat and dark suit. it'sper can how much money he got. >> what an ordeal. thank you. >> an arrest in a murder we first told you about last night. the firefighters found 63-year- old vicky griffin dead in her apartment in temple hills. they were responding to the car for a shelf a gas leak as the
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building on dallas place. investigators believe that that was a chemical to cover up the odor of a dead body. the prince georges county officers arrested donald dixon in the murder and he and griffin lived together in the apartment. the u.s. senate and house of representatives are on a collision course as the clock counts down. the republican house speaker john boehner is ready to move forward and democrats are vowing to defeat it. tom fitzgerald has been on capitol hill all day and yesterday he had to cancel it. today he's back. what changed? >> reporter: the speak her a bit of a revolt last night from his own conservative house wins -- republicans, they wanted a balanced budget amendment added and than ready to vote against it. tonight, the boehner bill has
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the budget amendment back in it but the democratically controlled senate has been clear saying if the speaker bill passes the house, it will be defeated in the senate and the bill has been blasted by the white house by only raising the debt ceiling by six months. and harry reid is pushing his own bill, which would cut the spending by 2.2 trillion raise the debt limit by 2-point sep trillion without any taxes. that would be enough to -- president obama's room that any any deal last through the end of 2010. as the deadline 2013. both sides were talking compromise all day and still, they have not come to an agreement as it comes right now. and there are plenty of ways out of the mess. we are almost out of time. and we need to reach a compromise by tuesday so the country will have the ability to pay its bills on tie, as we
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always v. the bills that include monthly social security checks, veterans benefits, our democratic friends here in the senate have offered no solutions to the crisis that can pass either chamber. instead all day ring yesterday, we got chest-thumping comments about how we're going to kill request any piece of legislation coming over from the house and that it's dead on arrival. >> reporter: clearly, as you hear from that, we're far from this being over. where are we now? we're being told that's vote is expected in the house and that is around 7:00 p.m. on speaker boehner's bill and the senateman said that the senate will take that up and defeat it and this is going to start all over again. and low hope they can get this done in time. the first day the players were able to take the field and work out. dave feldman is joining us la
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jolla from redskins park. >> reporter: and that is always the case during training camp, laura and at least they're used to it, they were on the fold this morning and looked pretty good. and after a crazy and whacky offseason where nothing was normal, normalcy today and some hot weather, me sweating upped a tent, the players trying to talk to us and not talk about haynesworth, all of the stuff. and that is his second season as readskins coach and with 60 players and all 12 wearing the draft pick and number 53. quarterback john beck led the first-string offense after the 132-day lockout. the players are happy to be back on a sweltering day at training camp. >> it was good. we have been anticipating the day for a long tom and to go
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and practice as a team. >> it was good, man. and being around the guys again, kicking it up in the locker room and that is what i love to do most and they were talking about how happy they are to number camp and you kind of like and i am happy to be out here. and mike shanahan will address the media live. before that, dasm low hall will join us for a live conversation. training camp is underway, laura, we'll have more in this hour. >> good to see him in action. thank you, feldy. and what went wrong? a construction accident left one man dead and another seriously hurt. we're live with the latest on that developing situation next. and plus, we're learning now details in the foiled attacks in fort hood. what is next for the american soldier in custody right now. that is still ahead. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at five is coming back. 
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>> a wall collapsed as the maryland live casino site has killed one construction worker and critically injured another. now, the work to build the huge casino is at standstill while investigators work to find out what caused the accident earlier today. fox 5s stacey cohan is live at the scene in ann arundel county. what happened? >> reporter: i can tell you, the massive new casino is being
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built on the prosecutor of the mall. you can see the huge casino project behind me. and has been some black draping put over the fence that is around the construction site as investigators are searching inside to figure out what went wrong. the deadly accident happened a few yards away from this busy outlet mall. the concrete wall looked just like this one. 30 feet high, 40 feet wide and weighing 25 tons. investigators won't say exactly what happened, but around 10:00 a.m., the wall that was already upright in this spot, came crashing down. >> both victims were working in the general vicinity of the wall. one victim was on an actual lift. and was struck by the wall when on that lift. >> the other victim office the ground? >> we believe he was on the ground and on the general facility. >> reporter: the crane was
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carrying a lift, which hill one of the victims when the wall fell, sweeping him off of the platform and crushing him. the maryland leave casino has been under construction on this site since earlier this year. when completed, it will be toe hundred thousand square feet with 4800 parking spaces and the same number of slot machines. the casino developer, the cornish company, didn't explain why the wall fell but they did issue a statement offering condolences to the families of the dead and injured men. and we do now have the identification of those two workers. leanne saks, 27 years old is the name of the worker who was killed, from hanover, pennsylvania. he was a young man engaged, had one baby boy, the father of a baby boy and he was killed at this accident. the second worker, 25-year-old darvin jimenez of monasses, virginia, he was injured quite critically injured, life- threating injuries and taken to
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baltimore shock trauma hospital. the work here has stopped for the moment and with us the investigation is completed, it's expected to resume as planned and osha has become involved at the early checkpoint and we're told by anne arundel county officials that all the penalties and inspections appear to be in order and that the investigation does continue. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan. back to you. >> and do we know how long the investigation will take? >> well, it usually takes some time until they complete their investigation as to what went wrong. they have to check on the mechanics of what happened and do interviews. that may not impact the schedule of construction and may be able to resume more on the investigation while it continues. >> such a tragedy. sad to see that baby without a father. thanks, stacey cohan. >> an awol solar accused of planning another attack on the fort hood army base is being held without bond. the federal prosecutors charged
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nasser abdo with possessing an illegal firearm and not before that rampage at the same texas bias and chris gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: a close call. police in texas arrest private first class nasser jason abdo, an awol army solar caught with weapons and a bomb inside of a backpack. police say he admitted to planning an attack near fort hood and was taken into custody at a hotel, roughly three miles from the army post main gate. and i can tell you we will be here today giving you a different brief had he not been stopped. >> reporter: he bought six pounds of smokeless gun powder, three boxes of shotgun shells and ammo at a gun store in culleen, texas. they credit a gun store clerk for alerting them of his suspicious activity. >> i didn't do anything special. i am just grateful that the culleen police were able to locate the young man.
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and to prevent a potential catastrophe. >> reporter: this would have been the second terrorak take in less than two year. howard ray survived the first in 2009 and is glad to see that folks are vin last. >> we're lucky to have that in gun stores and in throughout texas and america we'd that show they're responsible and they're looking for these types of behaviors. >> and he said americans need to be aware that these kinds of people are around, waiting for an opportunity to strike. >> and who is going to follow him up? how people are out there waiting to fill the spots to commit those kinds of crimes? >> reporter: the fbi said abdo faces federal bomb-making chars and will be transferred into federal custody n. texas, chris gutierrez, fox news. it's been almost 10 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. tonight, former president george w. bush is trying to set the record straight on this weekend. you -- picture. you remember this?
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capturing the moment the president learned of the attacks. he said his apparent lack of reaction to the news of the violence was a conscious decision to project a sense of calm in crisis. the former president talked about his memories from that terrible day during an interview for a national geographic documentary. the interview is set to air next month. >> another victim has died. one week after the massacre in norway and raising the death toll to 77 killed in the shooting and bombing. this morning, a memorial service in osloon hoered all of the victims. the prime minister spoke urging unity among everyone in the nation and last friday's attacks targeted the government buildings and a youth camp the man has admitted to the killings and pleaded not guilty the. coming up next on fox 5 news at foe, grab the cool misters, grab shade. it's downright hot outside. how much of a cooldown can we expect tonight? jerry's sneak peek at the forecast is next. 
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>> we don't have to tell you. it's a hot and humid day out there. >> and it's been that way for awhile and at least we can hope for a break. >> let's hope. >> and keep our fingers crossed and hope at some point they're going to get a break. >> and come on through for us. >> 30, it's all on you, gary. and what kind of a break? >> 85. you're talking 80s? yeah. >> we can do with that. >> no, no. >> no? not yet. >> all right, okay j. and we'll take what we can get then. this was the 12th straight day of 90 degrees plus and we may make 17 and with 90 degrees every day the next five days and that is looks like 17, seen, 19. and -- 15, 18, 19 and true view will show you, you have some
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showers and thunderstorms and if they hold together, we can have some relief. the temperatures, 103 and what about that heat index in 107 and 110 for fredericksberg and this is -- and this was bonus water. i will explain. what? bonus weather? and that could have been worse. could be a spotty storm at north and 89 at lip:00. we'll be right back. fox 5 news at five will continue. 
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>> the clock is ticking down to the deadline to raise the debt ceiling and in four days, the
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country could default on its debt with serious consequences. speaker of the house john boehner rewrote part of his proposal, hopingpo to win the support of the tea party, which is demanding a balanced budget amendment. senate major leader harry reid is working on an alternative bill to cut spending by $2.2 trillion to raise the debt limit by 2.7 trillion that is enough to tie the treasury over by 2014. if a deal is not reached by august 2p, next tuesday, it would not be the federal government. the district will be impacted as well. the chief follow officer for d.c. joins us now and thank you very much for being with us. thank you for inviting me. >> first of all, let me get your reaction to everything happening rot now. >> reporter: i'm deeply disappointed, as you know, and we don't have a human amount of cash laying around for us. because of what is done or not done on the hill, if there is a
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financial freeze, then we are in deep trouble. >> when kind of trouble are you talking about? >> locally, we come to that in a moment in october, we go to the market to borrow $900 million. and if there is a financial freeze or if you have to pay higher interest rates, that is a serious impact on us. please recall that we had a control board here and all of the conditions to -- and to control more back to the city where we would lose the limited democracy and that is cash- related and because we don't have cash to pay, the control board will be back and we'll lose a limited democracy. >> and these numbers are
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intangible by all of us. how will they be a fixd? >> we don't have the ability to providees iss and on that clean basis, a trash pickup and a vast number of the services and that we don't have if we can't borrow the money we intend to in october. >> are you saying we would see trash pickup, for instance, haltd? >> yet depends on the decision the mayor will have to make and what should we vois ride -- provide on available sources? and that is's tough choice for the mayor. >> it would -- this would a fix the housing market and students? absolutely right and again, if there is some harm in the financial market, it would have impact on the tax allegation. all of the commercial property transaction, which are extremely important for us in terms of our revenues, they would be frozen -- frozen and
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we won't be able to get a tax revenue out of that and please remember that we can see $2 billion a year from the federal government and that is affected. meditate, road construction, technology, bridgees -- and that is put on hold and deeply curtailed. >> yeah. >> and any prolonged shut down of the government or a delay in implementing a, we would lose about $5 million a week in terms of the tax revenue. >> right. >> and this is also the economy that would lose about 25 to $40 million a week. >> it's very scary, we talking grave consequences here and priority you shedding light on this and cfo -- for the district, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. and there is one deal done
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for the president today. the auto industry agreed to dramatic new fuel efficiency standards. they will double it to 54 and a half miles per gallon by 20, 25 and that will require mayor chais for the way cars are built. they will reduce oil cosumption by vehicles by 40% and will cut the amount of greenhouse gas pollution coming out of the exhaust in half. and a warm welcome home for 50 national guard soldiers. the d.c. army held the freedom salute ceremony for those soldiers who some back from deployments. one of the, the 41-year-old earned a purple heart after being hit by shrapnel and after two tours of duty and a serious injury, this is how he responded if asked whether he would go back. >> no, if it's coal, i'm going -- if it's called, i'm going.
5:34 pm
>> and he is expected to have more surgery on the back soon. >> a husband and wife are serving in the air force. for fun, they sometimes buy lottery tech jets and the most is $100 they bought. the love changed in a big way at a baseball game. as beth parker showed us, they hit a home run. >> reporter: a sweet ride for the staff sergeant. the last time he went to mets park, he rode the metro. >> again, she's here. >> reporter: the first lady was on hand to honor our armed forces. >> i didn't know she was going to be here. >> reporter: he bought scratchoff tickets. as he and his buddy left the stadium? was scratching it. it was around in this spot where i said, you know, one, win a million. as soon as i won, i questioned the ground and said i won, you need to see this. and you dropped to the group
5:35 pm
in. >> was at home, let him take his buddy to the game and -- >> and i need to call my wife. i called her and sat down. i couldn't walk at the time. hey, i won $1 million. >> i want a million dollars. not like hello, hi, how's your night. >> reporter: show didn't think he would joke about that and that made it real making for a restless night. was up every hour and half hour to make sure it was really. he bought a gift for the pal who was at the time. -- game. we whelm rate winning, he was surprised about it and so was the guy behind the counter. >> reporter: they're about to close on a house in maryland. >> a month ago, it was hard to afford a fence in the backyard for the dogs and now we can help out the shelter where we rescued one of our dogs. >> they play the lottery every now and then. >> i think it's 90% luck judge
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and what is the other 10? >> feat, maybe, or a blessing. and he has a redskins tattoo and is pondering another anding that the washington nationals curly w may look good. >> that is one way to commemorate. and he's going to buy a house and buy his buddy a watch. nose of them. >> very generous, too. and forget the titapec, one giant iceberg has the sights set on an eand the picture you see to believe. 
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>> if you're making last-minute summer vacation plans, trip advisor has info you may want to read. the website releasing the rankings of the dirtiest hotels
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and the polyindonesian in myrtle beach is number five. next up, the hotel carter in new york city, daytona beach's desert inn resort and the jack london inn in oakland, california. number one, the grand resort in pigeon forge, tennessee. iceberg ahead. the photographer captured this in june and said that icebergs float in from greenland and this filled goose grove harbor before breaking a part and melting. the fishermen took their chances getting around the iceberg to keep working. >> weeks. >> yeah. and that is ohms in on there. and we have a break for most of the week. no ice bigs here. >> not at all. >> and no escaping the hot today. >> the temperatures are back and with a vengeance. how will the weekend shape up. next.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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>> there is a growing movement sweeping the country now is and a push to get more sustainable local food on the table without sacrificeing safe and humane farming standards. the president is here to shed some perspective on this issue. thank you for being with us tonight. >> and i know they're the leading farm animal protection organization. what is going on in our farming industry that is harmful and to us as consumers? harmful to the animals and us. >> unfortunately, most animals razed for food in the united states live in factory farms where they're treated like commodities and in some cases, they're in crates so tightly. most arep wittingly supporting the abuse by buying the meat, milk, and eggs. we encourage people to being --
5:45 pm
think about their food chases. >> and wrong -- croc, i understand yoa vegan. are you pushing to have others stop eating meat and eggs? and/or is this about being healthy? i have been a vegan since 1985, and i think that is the healthiest way, most humane way to live and in people need to make their own choices and we encourage people to think about their food chases and to make choices they can feel good about instead of i don't want to see what is happening. when it comes to some of the things, we think laws need to be put in place and animals need to be toted with some bask respect. what is happening on the farms is outside of the bounds of acceptable conduct. >> how does not respecting animals translate to bad health for us in. when you have animals confined by the thousands or tips of thousands in the factory farms,
5:46 pm
they're subjected to sales disease stress, they're fed antibiotics routinely to be kept alive in these circumstances and they're sick and when we consume them, that affects us. in addition, there are antibacterial -- that are present in our food source and we think there should be lemes on the use and lemes on the way the animals are treated, and we think most of this -- that they would agree that they deserve better. >> what can people do? >> go to famer's market and get involved with the agriculture programs and to think about the food choices and choose organic foods, local foods and to be more mindful how we oat. it has an impact on our own health, the health of the planet and the well-being of animals. >> i went to a farmer's market recently and bought chicken the first time. it was the best chicken i had
5:47 pm
and that was the most hi too. $5 for a breast. there are a lot of people who can't afford that, i can't. >> and, this you know, a lot of foods don't have to be that expensive. bones and rice are easy and inexpensive. instead of a bag of potato chips, we can buy a sack of potatoes. we need to learn new habits and learn about cooking at home and in terms of the chickee, you know, it's probably not a bad idea to eat less of that. >> thank you very much for being with us tonight. an important meg that you're on, i appreciate -- mission that you're on. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. two red panda cub are in good health. the veterinarians checked them out yesterday the first time and the zoo said they're healthy and strong and active. they're female, by the way. one wave waved 13 ounces, the other one pound. you can see the cubs themselves and their parents this fall at the asia trail exhibit. >> and that had gary saying
5:48 pm
awe. >> you see when we had the zoo animals. >> right. and that is awe. >> and that is doing that. >> right. >> and now we're saying awe because of the weather? >> not awe but ah. and i'll telling you, we got lucky today. >> and wisdom was not -- and it was going to get drier in the afternoon. i am going to main is is that now and part -- to explain that now and i wish we would have moved it up a bit and that is hazy and not as hazy as it was yesterday. we're seeing a lot clearer today and farther out and, believe it or in the, it's not as humid or dry. we start off with some showers and thors and this is looking to the north. you can see them here and we're going to zoom in on them for you a little bit and late night h some showers and themes up here. they didn't make it down and
5:49 pm
fell a part before northern maryland and that is going to happen again this evening, we'll keep a slight chance of a shower and thunderstorm along 68, set perhaps in northern sections of maryland does&have to come a long way to come here and i am rooting on them, though. it's not going happen for us. this is what we're talking about. a cooler weekend and do not get too excited, all right. temperatures will be in the 90s on saturday and sunday and tomorrow, the heat index is going to bump up to $100 degrees and bit or sunday and the next few days. we're still going to be into the 90s and instead of the upper 90s. the heat index around 100-plus at 7:00, 99 degrees and at 9:00, in the lower 90s and muggy and 89 degrees at lip:00 and temperatures are staying there. the hate advisory is in place until 9:00 and week have the heat index from 99 to 107 and that is getting cooler.
5:50 pm
the temperature is hot. 103 for national. but, look at the relative humidity. 28% and that might surprise you a bit. this afternoon, drier air aloft, mixed down through the atmosphere and that helped us out. this is the dew point, the real measure of moisture in the air. in a 64 degrees dew point, with 103 degrees that doesn't you'll an extremely high heat index. 106 degrees and which is only 3 degrees higher than the actual temperature. remember back to last friday when the dew points were in the mid- and upper 70s, we had a temperature of 102 and that heat index of 121. just the little bit of dry away --ary aloft and that helped us a bit. it would have been dew points in the lower to mid-70s, talking the heat index values around 110, 115 degrees and
5:51 pm
spotty evening thunderstorms primarily to the north and that is warm low temperatures, 81 degrees in the city tonight, tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., warm, and 83 degrees. sunny at 91 and no and agree tomorrow into the mid-90s, the heat index around 100 degrees, and cooler than today and still, at least, we're going in the right direction and not talking about the big cooldown here. 96 tomorrow and 93 on sunday and even lower relative humidity on sunday and sunday's going to be hot. and it's not going to be too bad. mot, still on monday -- hot still on monday. he was talk -- who was talking about 80s? tuesday, 93 and a spotty thunderstorm on wednesday, 94 and today was the 12th straight day, 90 degrees or higher. if that forecast verified, it will be 17 straight days, 90 degrees higher and we motioned earlier, it's probably -- needs to be mentioned again. the hottest july on record. of at national airport.
5:52 pm
>> yeah. >> and that goes back to the 1800s. >> okay. hopefully august will treat us better. >> maybe next we will have good news. >> okay. good. >> and let's talk about what is going on outside with football? redskins camp is off to a hot start, literally. the players hit the heat and the field the first time today and for their first workout since last season. dave feldman is joining us live with ron of the team's veteran leaders. a lot of gatorade and water going on out there? >> absolutely, no question about it. i'm with deangelo hall, the 3- plus seasons with the redskins and they want to camp how -- camp how to go. and that went good. a lot of changes and i feel like we're on pace to do good things. >> you come in. last year's, obviously, disappointment. you didn't get as many wins, the distractions and when people come this year, is there
5:53 pm
a chip on the shoulder? something to prove because of how last season went, the whole year? >> it should be. i know myself personally, you know, i am definitely going back to the old me. i'm going up and pressing guys more. >> you mean more than last year? absolutely. and just feeling comfortable in the scheme. feeling comfortable. the personnel have been upgradeed and in certain position, you know, defensively, you know, i feel excited about what is going on. and you were comfortable last year, scored the game-winning touchdown. and that is with some nfl roars. >> i hate to see what that is like. you seemed comfortable last year. >> you know, i felt good, you know, there were some things and that -- and -- >> some things we struggled with as a team defensively and
5:54 pm
we're keeping it simple. >> why was the defense ranked last in the nfl? >> and thereern many guys trying to figure out how to fit and still having that and to bring it to a tee-4 team and that is different. playing off of the linebacker and he is used to playing defensive tackle. to have them more comfortable doing what they supposed to be doing and bringing them in and got the turnover. i am excited about it and i can't way to see another edition to the secondary and we still good. >> thank you if coming. >> no problem. and now back to you. we're gearing up for a showdown as we approach the deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. house republicans, senate
5:55 pm
democrats drawing the battle lines in the sand tonight. we'll have the latest on a critical vote on the hill. and remember the former astronaut caught up? find out why she is now getting the boot from the navy. bob. and al warden was an apollo 15 astronaut who wrote a book about the stunning and controversial fall from grace. i'm bob barnard, the man in his story is coming up on the news edge at 6.  these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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>> the dr. oz show is coming to fox 5 in a few weeks. if you want to talk to him about a health problem, now is the chance. the producers are in d.c. and they want to meet you and come on down and tell them why you need their help and they'll be in alexandrea, virginia, tomorrow and go to that play
5:59 pm
area in the center court. the news edge at 6 starts now. we haven't seen a july as hot as this of. records broken as extime heat grips the d.c. area. -- extreme heat grips the d.c. area and we have talked about this before and do not likary conditioning but i like it a lot. >> feels better than last friday, remember the heat index, 121, 1 two and today, may be got keys to 108. it feels better and feels like we're in phoenix today. the temperatures are way up there and that official high, 104 degrees and as you mentioned, we are seeing our

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